The Philistine Heart: |Smart | Steamy | Scintillating

He's the man of her dreams.But he has a secret. Is love enough to erase a dark past?

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Writing is one of my greatest loves since childhood. To this day I’m a bookworm. I enjoy all different genres from fantasy to romance. The authors that I find the most inspiring and influential include L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen and Ayn Rand. It’s been a dream come true writing my first novel. As a Washington native, I am pleased to use Seattle as the setting of the Philistine Heart(Book 1). I hope I have the opportunity to write many more novels in the years to come.

About the Author

Jean Evergreen is a steamy romance author. She enjoys writing about complicated characters with the common themes centering around sin, penitence, and redemption. Consequently, all of her characters are exceedingly flawed, but also redeemable.